Climate Protection: Support these Projects with Your Purchase at Urban Goddess

Klimaatbescherming - CO2 compenseren

Climate Protection: Support these Projects with Your Purchase

You want to commit to climate protection, but you don’t know where to start? After all, what can you achieve on your own? Good news: much more than you think! For instance, by shopping at Urban Goddess.

Small steps for our climate

We believe that all big achievements begin with small steps. That’s why you have the option to compensate the CO2 emissions of your order at Urban Goddess. With just one click, you can make your purchase carbon neutral, for extra good vibes with your new yoga outfit. How does it work? We’ll explain everything here. So far, hundreds of yogis have participated already, and together, we were able to donate a considerable amount. But where does the money actually go?

What have we achieved so far?

As a sustainable company, we want to do our part in protecting the environment and climate. Therefore, in the summer of 2020, we started working with CO2ok – and you are just as enthusiastic as we are! Until today, we have already compensated about 25t of CO2 – that’s equivalent to flying almost 130,000 km. (To give you an idea: that’s almost 4x from Amsterdam to New Zealand and back!) So to everyone who has already participated: you are fantastic, thank you! This might be good time to shine a light on the great projects that we’re able to support thanks to your help. Keep reading to learn more.

CO2 compensation projects bij CO2ok

CO2ok supports various CO2 compensation projects, all of which are coordinated by Atmosfair and Fair Climate Fund. Most of the projects revolve around renewable energy sources: wind, hydropower, and solar energy. Unlike fossil fuels (such as oil or gas), these natural, renewable energy sources have no negative effect on the climate. If we want to protect the climate, renewable energy is the way to go. Your contribution helps to finance the high start-up costs of sustainable energy projects.

Progress in developing countries

In addition, the projects by Atmosfair and Fair Climate Fund also support developing countries: by introducing new, more efficient technology, energy demands can be decreased by up to 80%, which means a decrease in CO2 emissions as well. Less CO2 also contributes to better health for the people living in those areas. Read more about the projects here.

Climate protection is a team effort. Will you join us? Pick your favourite yoga outfit and simply click the green CO2ok button during checkout. This way, you support us and the environment!