Christmas & Corona: How we can still be there for each other

kerst tijdens corona

Christmas during corona: how we can still be there for each other, at a safe distance

Working from home, social distancing, face mask – you get used to things. Maybe you have even established new habits or discovered new hobbies. But now that the holidays are approaching, we are faced with new dilemmas. After all, how do you celebrate Christmas at a distance?

During the holidays the emphasis is on being together with your loved ones, but that’s more difficult for us now. Cosy dinners are not really possible this Christmas and that is a great pity. But don’t worry, we have gathered a few ideas for you so you can still celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.

Christmas-y Video calls

Who said Christmas is cancelled this year? Keep on doing all your favourite Christmas activities, but do them online instead! Why not cook the same meal, together but remotely. Or set up the Christmas tree with your family or friends. Play some games. Tip: really take the time for these calls and create a cosy atmosphere. Put on the same (Christmas) movie or holiday playlist. It helps to put your laptop or phone somewhere in a way that you no longer have to worry about it.  This way you can really focus on each other!

Send Christmas cards

But with an extra touch. You can do this by making your own Christmas cards (which could also be a fun activity for a video call!). Put some extra time and effort into your cards and write down what the other person means to you. Make the message valuable, especially for the ones that have felt lonely during the pandemic, a sweet message can be meaningful. Beautiful to give and to receive.

Special gifts

Although it is, of course, more fun to hand out gifts in person, it is still valuable to give each other a gift. You can do this by drawing lots (online) and sending the gifts to each other.

Pack it festively and make sure you send it to each other on time! It is always busy for the postal services in December, especially this year. You can video call each other while unpacking the presents for extra fun and togetherness. Check out our last minute gift ideas here.

Go on a Christmas walk

Before the (online) Christmas dinner, go outside for a walk. You can do this together, at an appropriate distance, or alone. A beautiful forest, or the park nearby, anything is possible! Put your phone on hold, get a coffee for the road and enjoy the fresh air.

Smile and wave

Do your friends or family live close? Then take your Christmas walk over to their houses, simply to wave at them through the window! Of course, a real hug would be much better, but even seeing each other can be meaningful and fun. Share some laughs and extra love this year. Maybe get inspired by Love Actually and stand in front of somebody’s door with cute, heartfelt messages…


Of course Christmas during corona will be different, but there are many different ways that you can make the holidays special and fun, even at a distance. Be creative and share lots of love this year. Do you have more ideas for fun corona-proof holiday activities? Share them with us on social media. We wish you wonderful holidays! Stay safe & make the very best of it.