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Enjoy your yoga injury free – Part 1/5

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Enjoy your yoga injury free – Part 1/5 It is pretty safe to say that all people could benefit from doing yoga. Amazing stories circulate how a 90-year old granny fixed her hunchback with yoga, or how someone overcame multiple addictions or anorexia through yoga. The physical, mental and emotional benefits are numerous. However, that […]

Singing while doing yoga is an actual thing

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Ever tried to sing a Bruce Springsteen or Justin Bieber song while standing in the downward facing dog? No, it’s not a joke. It’s an actual thing. It’s called karaoke yoga.  Of course, yoga is about calming body and mind and turning inwards. But let’s not forget it’s also about making fun and joy. Los Angeles-based yoga instructor Jennifer Pastiloff came […]

How to go deeper in postures. And by that, we mean safely.

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Yoga poses are challenging enough by itself. But maybe even more challenging is listening to your body when it hits its boundaries, while your head mumbles: ‘You can do better! Maybe go deeper, let’s try.’ This goes for yogi’s of all levels. All our bodies our different and so is our strength and level of flexibility. So how […]