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The flexibility myth

Sandra Carson looks at how our yoga practice may be over-stretching our bodies and how a certain amount of ‘stiffness’ might actually be more beneficial. “I am too stiff to do yoga” must be the most common argument I hear from people who say they are interested in yoga but have never tried it. Of course, they could […]

How to create space for your consciousness

Be here now and Manada yoga tanks

How can we create space to listen to our inner voice and guidance? Too much information In our modern world of marketing and social media, it can feel as if we are constantly being led or guided on every level. We are taught what we should want, what we should buy, what we should think, and […]

Daily yoga practice and discipline

Daily yoga practice

A disciplined daily yoga practice is the goal of any motivated yoga practitioner but it doesn’t always come naturally. Since the day I started to take yoga seriously and realized yoga’s many spiritual and health benefits, I’ve wanted to practice it daily. But the reality of actually having a daily yoga and meditation practice, however, is something I […]

How to improve your breath off the yoga mat


Use these off-the-mat tips to strengthen your breath, allowing you to create a deeper connection to your yoga practice. If you struggle to synchronize your breath with your movement during Vinyasa Flow classes or to stay focused on the breath altogether, these simple tips can give you the confidence and skills to bring strong breath back […]

Odaka Yoga Sequence by Francesca Cassia

Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia - Yoga teachers

Our beautiful ambassador Francesca Cassia travels all around the world to give Odaka yoga workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. Along with her partner Roberto Milletti they have inspired thousands of people with their beautiful yoga style. Francesca filmed this sequence especially for you. The sequence is great for the experienced yogi’s who want to try […]