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Odaka Yoga Sequence by Francesca Cassia

Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia - Yoga Teachers

Our beautiful ambassador Francesca Cassia travels all around the world to give Odaka yoga workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. Along with her partner Roberto Milletti they have inspired thousands of people with their beautiful yoga style. Francesca filmed this sequence especially for you. The sequence is great for the experienced yogi’s who want to try […]

Balancing meditation by Marlene Smits


Balancing meditation by Marlene Smits Marlene Smits, our Urban Goddess founder/owner and yoga- and meditation teacher, is sharing some meditation techniques with you this month. The first one is a great balancing meditation that works on your central meridians and chakras. It is a beautiful movement meditation involving mudras and breath. It is doable for […]

Yoga sequence for shoulder health


A simple shoulder sequence to release tension and ensure the longevity of your functional movement. Includes free class and downloadable pdf. This set of exercises takes your shoulders through their full range of rotation, which is important to do regularly to ensure the longevity of our functional movement and to avoid injury. These movements also […]

8 tips on how to do yoga at home – Practice and all is coming


Wouldn’t you just love to be someone who regularly practises yoga at home, effortlessly? Here are some tips to help you get started. Ashtanga Guru Pattabhi Jois’ most famous quote is “Practice and all is coming”. With these words, I believe he means that by consistently opening the body and mind through yoga, truth reveals […]