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10 ways to reduce your environmental impact

reduce your environmental impact

In Esther’s recent Kindness Challenge, she asked: how can we be kinder to the environment? This inspired EkhartYoga member, Océane, to share her 10 brilliant tips. Esther Ekhart ran a Kindness Challenge on Facebook and Instagram recently. During the week she invited us to ask ourselves a different question each day: What can I do to be kind to my […]

Less stress – moving beyond work life balance


When it comes to reducing the stress in our lives, finding a ‘work-life balance’ is often suggested as the magic solution. But is it? David Dodd looks at how yoga can help us to reframe this challenge. Shifting the focus We are often encouraged to ‘get our work-life balance right’ to manage our stress levels. […]

How to create space for your consciousness

Be here now and Manada yoga tanks

How can we create space to listen to our inner voice and guidance? Too much information In our modern world of marketing and social media, it can feel as if we are constantly being led or guided on every level. We are taught what we should want, what we should buy, what we should think, and […]

How to improve your breath off the yoga mat


Use these off-the-mat tips to strengthen your breath, allowing you to create a deeper connection to your yoga practice. If you struggle to synchronize your breath with your movement during Vinyasa Flow classes or to stay focused on the breath altogether, these simple tips can give you the confidence and skills to bring strong breath back […]