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How to improve your breath off the yoga mat


Use these off-the-mat tips to strengthen your breath, allowing you to create a deeper connection to your yoga practice. If you struggle to synchronize your breath with your movement during Vinyasa Flow classes or to stay focused on the breath altogether, these simple tips can give you the confidence and skills to bring strong breath back […]

Cleansing for Beginners by Marlene Smits

Cleanse for beginners

Spring is for many people a time to think about cleansing. Cleansing your home, your mind and your body is a natural choice during this time of year. We leave winter and its heavier foods behind and prepare for some more lightness and sunshine, igniting our inner fires. Cleansing may sound all peaceful and zen, […]

Ayurvedic herbal teas for Spring

ekhart teas

Four Ayurvedic teas to neutralise qualities of the Kapha dosha, likely to be in excess during Spring. Tea has long been used for all manner of purposes, from medicinal to ceremonial, and for the health of both the body and mind. Eastern cultures are particularly fond of tea, and Ayurveda specifically uses tea to help […]

Interview with Karlijn Visser

Sustainable Karlijn Visser

Karlijn Visser is the co-founder of Holistik, an online lifestyle magazine for the stylish and sustainable do-gooder. So who else would we ask for their insights on sustainability? Being green is an important part of Karlijn’s life. We wanted to know more. 1. What was the reason you decided to start living more sustainable? The […]

Sustainable Fashion by Daphne van den IJssel

Sustainable Fashion

More and more shops start selling organic clothing and accessories. Organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, recycled material and many other forms of organic material. Being sustainable, fair and eco-friendly is at the heart of our business. This means that we deeply care about that our clothes are made with the highest organic standards. And that the […]

Three Questions for Urban Goddess Ambassador Esther Ekhart


Esther Ekhart is first and foremost a yoga and meditation teacher. She also founded, Europe’s largest online yoga studio, which has more than 2,500 classes, almost a 100 guided online programs and a huge variety of leading, international teachers. She’s passionate about sharing yoga and work hard to make yoga available to all who […]