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A loving Valentine’s Day with lessons from Thich Nhat Hanh

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The news can’t have escaped your notice. Buddhist Zen teacher, monk, writer and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh died last month in Vietnam at the age of 95. The inspirer has several monasteries of which Plum Village in France is the most famous. In this blog we will lovingly tell you a bit more about […]

Effort and ease: balance in your body and life

Balance in your life_effort and ease

Balance in your body equals balance in your life Looking for balance in your body and life means looking for the balance between effort and ease. Finding the balance between being driven, doing nothing, and relaxing varies from person to person. Some people are restless and have trouble with sitting still and taking a breather, […]

Mindful Christmas: 3x simple, but fun Christmas activities for all yogis!

Mindful Christmas blog

3x fun (yoga) Christmas activities for a mindful Christmas During the holidays, time seems to go by just a bit faster than usual. We might already be busy preparing for months. From putting up the Christmas tree (quite stressful sometimes, because how do you put up the Christmas tree?), to inspiration for Christmas presents. We […]

Meditation hard? Find a meditation practice that suits you!

Finding Meditation Difficult? Try these different styles and find a practice that suits you! Part 1 of 5 I have noticed over the years of teaching meditation that so many people came to me before class and told me they couldn’t meditate. We seem to have so many ideas about what meditation is and should […]

Conscious Yoga Gift Guide: For Your Favourite Yogi

conscious yoga gift guide - Urban Goddess

Conscious Yoga Gift Guide: For Your Favourite Yogi With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all looking for the perfect gift. Something meaningful and useful, that’s what intentional gifting is all about. Wondering what to get your favourite yogi this year? We have a few ideas! Yoga Gift Guide: What to get your favourite yogi […]

8 Common Yoga Myths – Busted!

Bridge pose

We have all heard them before – those myths and rumors around yoga that seem to be coming out of nowhere. They are just kind of there. If you’re an experienced yogi, they might make you chuckle. But worst case scenario, if you’re new to yoga or are thinking about where to start some of […]

How does the time of day affect your yoga practice?

How does the time of day affect your yoga practice?

Discover how to optimise your yoga practice depending upon the time of day. The practice of yoga has always been synonymous with nature, the movements of the sun and moon and the passing times of the day. Whilst the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) sequence is traditionally practised at sunrise and more restorative practices at the end of the […]

Buying yoga wear? This is all you need to know! The complete guide to your ultimate yoga outfit

What yoga clothes is best for my yoga practice

Are you a yoga virgin or have you just started practicing? Perfect timing to learn all the ins and outs of finding the right yoga wear. It’s important to have the right yoga outfit for your specific yoga practice before stepping onto the yoga mat. Luckily, Urban Goddess yoga & active wear is designed by […]