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Personal letter from Richard Branson about his mindset for happiness (which has nothing to do with his millions)


As a top entrepreneur and one of the richest people in the world, Richard Branson often gets the question: what is the key to success? His answer is simple: start with being happy and the rest follows. However, stop striving for that great happiness. Many people see happiness as a goal, a destination. But that […]

With these 3 tips, spiritual junkie Gabrielle Bernstein gives you the pep talk of your life

Never heard of Gabrielle Bernstein? Then it is time for you to get to know this spiritual junkie. She wrote 6 bestsellers, sat on the couch with Oprah and together with Deepak Chopra she hosted the biggest mediation of the world. She was in the Netherlands in September where she gave 600 people, including me, […]