Buying yoga wear? This is all you need to know! The complete guide to your ultimate yoga outfit


Are you a yoga virgin or have you just started practicing? Perfect timing to learn all the ins and outs of finding the right yoga wear. It’s important to have the right yoga outfit for your specific yoga practice before stepping onto the yoga mat. Luckily, Urban Goddess yoga & active wear is designed by real yoga teachers. We know exactly what your yoga clothes need, so you can enjoy your yoga class to the fullest. You can find anything you need at Urban Goddess, from cute yoga leggings to the perfect yoga bra top. We got you, girl!

Why buy yoga wear?

You have probably come across some of the ridiculously impossible yoga poses on instagram, that bring cold sweats of panic to any beginner, right? As you bend and stretch yourself into all kinds of yoga poses, some body parts may compress with each other or the floor. The last thing you want is for your yoga clothes to be too tight or have zippers, buttons or anything else that you hurt you or cause discomfort. Not to scare you off with any horror stories, but you want to avoid anything that hinders proper blood circulation. Or leaves you with bruises and abrasions. Your yoga wear should always be soft and comfortable. So that it can move and stretch with you, and allow you to move freely in any yoga pose. Save those running tights for another day – it’s yoga time.

The importance of yoga clothes

While your yoga clothes should stretch and move with you, they should not be too big either. You want to avoid very loose-fitting or oversized shirts and pants. The extra fabric can get in the way, roll up, slide down. And it might even get dangerous if you get stuck somewhere. You may feel super comfortable in those oversized shirts. But they just do not offer you the range of motion and flexibility that you want and need for your yoga practice. So, you really want to make sure you choose the right size, not too tight, not too loose.

Buying some good quality yoga wear is really the first investment that you make when you start with yoga. Or when want to take your practice to the next level. The base for any good yoga outfit is a pair of good yoga pants or yoga leggings. Yoga classes don’t just consist of deep stretches and complex poses, but you will also focus on pranayama, special breathing techniques that require deep belly breathing. The right yoga bottoms will make sure, your belly is not restricted in any way in these practices.

Yoga leggings

Yoga leggings are popular and certainly a good choice for any beginner. Why? Since leggings are form fitting, they show exactly how you move your feet, legs, knees and hips in all those different yoga poses. Especially for Iyengar classes, yoga leggings or even capri yoga leggings are required for that specific reason. No matter what kind of yoga you practice, yoga leggings make it much easier for yourself and your teacher to see if your alignment is correct.

Shaktified Leggings with rolldown belt

At Urban Goddess, we offer 3 sorts of yoga leggings in different colors and prints. Our Shaktified yoga leggings feature a fold-over belt or double waistband. This allows you to wear your leggings with a normal low waist or a comfortable high waist. The choice is all yours. Either way, your lower back, kidneys and belly will stay nice and warm. This is especially nice during floor yoga practices like yin yoga or restorative yoga. When you lie down for Shavasana your body cools down naturally through the relaxation response. And as we know from experience, some floors are colder than others. Keeping warm is key!

The Shaktified leggings’ double waistband makes for great maternity yoga leggings. Great for for all our pregnant yoginis out there. Simply roll up the waistband and show your belly some extra love and support. Our Shaktified yoga leggings are best suited for hatha, yin, yin yang, Iyengar yoga, Critical Alignment, restorative, pregnancy yoga, yoga basics, slow flow, hatha flow, Jivanmukti, as well as beginner’s vinyasa and ashtanga classes.

High or low waist yoga leggings?

No need for high waist leggings or double waistband? Our Bhaktified yoga leggings come with a low elastic waistband. These yoga leggings are especially suited for yoginis who want to feel and move freely without restrictions. You can wear it to any form of yoga, especially the more dynamic classes (like ashtanga, vinyasa or power yoga) or when it’s already warmer. Because a fold-over waistband might be too warm in those cases anyway, so the Bhaktified yoga leggings are the right choice. Do make sure that you wear a good yoga top or yoga shirt with these yoga leggings to cover your lower back and belly – we don’t want you to catch a cold.

Do you enjoy a good workout? And like to switch up your yoga practice with other activities, like crossfit, HIIT, or a sweaty gym session? Then, our Satya yoga leggings are exactly what you are looking for! These yoga leggings have a high waist, so it will stay right in place, no matter which yoga asanas you’re doing. Go ahead with those deep twists and complex arm balancing poses. Your yoga leggings will stay where they’re supposed to be. The fabric for our special yoga active wear line is sturdy and offers great support. So there’s no slipping and sliding when you rest your foot in your tree pose variation. Added bonus: the dry-fit material has a natural shaping effect, so it’s extra flattering to your figure. And extra bonus: no nasty smells due to the anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo in our special fabric mix.

Warm, warmer, the warmest

Sometimes it will get so warm that even the lightest yoga leggings make you feel like you have too much on. The Satya capri yoga leggings are the right solution. Super sporty and perfect for your sweaty, warm yoga practices. Even Bikram and hot yoga. Already made plans for a yoga retreat in some beautiful warm destination? Lucky you! Take the Satya yoga capri along for just the right amount of support and shaping, thanks to the high waistband. Yoginis with a passion for Iyengar yoga will also appreciate the Satya yoga capri, because you can easily keep an eye on your knee and ankle alignment.

All Urban Goddess yoga leggings are extra long (with exception of our capri yoga leggings). This is not just ideal for our long-legged yoginis, but also adds extra comfort to the end of any good yoga session. Simply pull the leggings over your feet to keep them warm during your final Shavasana or meditation.

Yoga pants

Our Dakini yoga pants are one of the bestselling items at Urban Goddess yoga wear. They look a little bit like harem yoga pants, but are essentially a modern version of Aladdin pants. Either way, this is the perfect choice for your yin practice, hatha, restorative, yin yang, and yoga basics. As well as other workouts like barre, dance, or Pilates. They are perfectly comfortable yoga pants, that you will want to wear long after you have finished your yoga class. These are ultimate lounge pants. The Dakini yoga pants come in new colors every season. Dakini pants have wide legs that come together in a tighter cuff at the ankles. So they will not come up to your knees during your inversions. You can wear the Dakini yoga pants a little lower on the hips, but they will stay in place thanks to the soft elastic waistband.

Rock your yoga practice

Another bestseller is our Pranafied yoga pants, a flared yoga pant style with a fold-over / double waistband. These flare yoga pants are not only hip on your yoga mat, but can definitely be worn off the mat as well. The fold-over waistband makes these pants extra comfortable. You can choose how high you want to wear them. Hip high-waist with extra warmth and support around your belly. Or a classic lower waist, that feel especially nice and firm around the hips. Even many pregnant yoginis love our Pranafied pants, not just as maternity yoga pants, but as casual maternity wear, too. For yoginis blessed with wider hips, the flare at the bottom will balance your figure and create slimmer hips and thighs.

The one pair of yoga pants that feels like you’re not even wearing any, are our Life is a Dance yoga pants. The relaxed slim fit joggers are perfect for anyone looking for light and hip yoga pants that aren’t yoga leggings. For all those days when you just don’t feel like wearing leggings. We get it. Apart from yoga, the Life is a Dance yoga pants will happily carry you through your Pilates, barre, or dance practice. Or you know, just lounging around the house. The long cuffs around the ankles make sure that the pants will stay in place through all your activities.