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6 things you might not know about Vinyasa yoga

6 things you might not know about Vinyasa yoga

What you need to know about Vinyasa yoga Vinyasa yoga is a very popular form of yoga and has become a very common practice among the yogi’s. Despite its popularity, it is a yoga form that is not always well understood. Vinyasa yoga is so much more than the movements and flowing motions. The more […]

​​Fashion Revolution Week: A look into sustainable fashion

Fashion Revolution Week

Working towards a sustainable fashion industry Fashion Revolution Week has begun! The perfect time to think about the clothes you wear. It is also an opportunity for us to pay attention to who makes our yoga clothes and how they are made. Many people are not aware of the impact of fashion on the climate […]

How yogatherapy can give the control over your body back


The treatment of trauma with yogatherapy Not everyone knows it, but yoga also has a therapeutic purpose. Yogatherapy can be used to treat mental complaints and traumas. Yoga therapist Anneke Sips told us more about the power and importance of yoga in trauma treatment. “Yogatherapy is about taking back control over your own body and […]

Effort and ease: balance in your body and life

Balance in your life_effort and ease

Balance in your body equals balance in your life Looking for balance in your body and life means looking for the balance between effort and ease. Finding the balance between being driven, doing nothing, and relaxing varies from person to person. Some people are restless and have trouble with sitting still and taking a breather, […]