Ambassadors of Urban Goddess

Urban Goddess yoga & active wear loves to support yoga teachers all around the world. We offer a teacher discount to yoga teachers and we help promote those teachers that we love and admire. Besides that, we are also proud to call these teachers our ambassadors:

Ambassador Karlijn Visser

Karlijn Visser is a co-founder of Holistik, an online lifestyle magazine for the stylish & sustainable do-gooder. She is an enthusiastic yogi and is currently doing her yoga teacher training.

“Urban Goddess is elegant, playful and stands for sustainable quality. That is why I feel like a true urban goddess when I flow from downward facing dog to trikonasana in these clothes. My favorite item? Their leggings, in all the different prints. They have extra long legs and made of organic cotton or bamboo fabrics. Urban Goddess also has a great recycling project which allows for your old clothes to get a second life. Plus you get a great discount on your new items. So everybody wins”.

Karlijn Visser – Co-founder Holistik and yogi
Karlijn Visser – Co-founder Holistik and yogi

Ambassador Esther Ekhart

Esther is the owner of Ekhart Yoga, an wonderful online platform with more than 3000 yoga video classes.

“Move, feel, breathe and be still. Yoga is about connection. Connection with myself & others around me, the environment and the truth of this moment. It’s about embracing everything, the beauty, and the pain because all of it is the same life, precious and mysterious. Yoga is for everyone, and the poses we love and work with so much are there to serve our bodies and mind, not the other way around. So doing yoga with me will strengthen the body, calm the mind and relax you to the degree that you will gain a new appreciation for life, just as it is.

I am an ambassador for Urban Goddess because I know the clothes are made with respect to humans and the environment. Another reason is love for Marlene, who is the designer and owner of this brand. Marlene is kind, honest and hard working, wanting the best for everyone involved with this brand. Last but not least I love how the clothes look and feel on my body.”

Esther Ekhart - Yoga teacher
Esther Ekhart – Yoga teacher

Ambassador Eline van de Kam

“Eline is a yoga and meditation teacher from Amsterdam and a happy ambassador for Urban Goddess. I took refuge in Buddhism a few years ago and love to share the teachings of the Buddha on the yoga mat.

It feels good to know this hip yoga wear is made in a responsible and honest way. I just love the fold-over belts and the superduperlong legs on the yoga pants!”

Eline van de Kam - Yoga teacher
Eline van de Kam – Yoga teacher

Ambassadors Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia

This is a super duo who are creating a fluid, powerful & truthful yoga experience on the deepest levels. You can find them teaching workshops and festivals all around the world.

“I love UG Yoga Wear because they are comfortable, easy to put on, and versatile enough to wear almost anywhere. Each piece of Urban Goddess reflects the beauty of wearing sustainable fabric on the skin, making the body free to breathe and move. It is the combination of functionality, sustainability, and outstanding design that sets UG apart. So comfy, stretchy, organic, and cool. You won’t want to put it off again. Made with love and ethically right from the beginning, that is what makes you fall in love with UG” – Francesca Cassia

Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia - Yoga teachers
Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia – Yoga teachers

Ambassador Irina Verwer

Irina is a holistic coach, moon cycle expert, yoga teacher and writer. She coaches on- and offline, teaches in the Netherlands and abroad, published two yogic cookbooks and writes about myths and nutrition for the Dutch and French Yoga Magazine. She lives with her husband and cat near a forest where she spends some time every day.

“I am an Urban Goddess ambassador because they have products and values I believe in. It is made with a lot of love for people and the environment. The clothing is fair trade, organic and the quality is great! I am very tall, so for me, it is great that Urban Goddess leggings are extra-long – they always fit me perfectly! Furthermore, I love the soft fabric of which the clothing is made!

Irina Verwer – Holistic coach, moon cycle expert, yoga teacher and writer
Irina Verwer – Holistic coach, moon cycle expert, yoga teacher and writer