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Yoga wear for women

Starting out on your yoga journey? Then this is the moment to dive into the wondrous world of yoga wear. Just like running, tennis or swimming, you’ll need the proper yoga clothes for your practice. What may not be quite obvious at first glance is that yoga clothes are really different from other types of sports wear or casual clothes. So you could wear your casual leggings or running pants to your yoga class, but you’ll find out soon enough, they wouldn’t be quite suitable.

Sustainable yoga clothing

The best yoga wear is always comfortable, stretches with you, and is not restrictive in any way. It should give you freedom of movement in all yoga poses. Urban Goddess yoga wear has a varied range of yoga clothes for women. Looking for men’s yoga wear? In 2018 our team launched a men’s yoga label called Renegade Guru (Urban Goddess’s cool yoga brother) which has a cool range of hip yoga pantsyoga shorts and yoga tops for men.

All-in-one yoga wear

Every girl is different, and so is every yoga practice. But all yoga wear has to fit basic principles. At Urban Goddess, all the styles have been designed by people who teach and live yoga. That is why you can be certain you’ll have a suitable yoga outfit and that your yoga clothes were made in an honest and sustainable manner, true to yoga principles. Urban Goddess only uses certified organic fabrics, is vegan and fairtrade. Apart from rocking Urban Goddess women’s yoga wear in your yoga class, our comfy yoga wear is also highly suitable for pilates, barre and dance. It's a true all-in-one collection!

Dry fit yoga wear

Our online yoga wear line is especially designed for the more dynamic and sweaty yoga practice. These yoga clothes are naturally sweat proof (dry fit), cooling and have antibacterial properties. Which is great for warding off nasty sweat smells. Our yoga active wear is made of high quality bamboo, cotton and lycra. Check out our collection guide to find the yoga wear that fits you best!

Hip yoga leggings

Urban Goddess yoga wear mainly offers a selection of hip cotton yoga clothes. These items are suitable for most yoga styles, barre, Pilates and lounging at home. Our yoga leggings are designed for yoginis in all shapes and sizes, no matter what leg length. The yoga leggings come with or without roll down belt. And you’ll be able to find a variety of hip printed yoga leggings in our collections too.

Organic yoga pants

If you are more of a yoga pants kinda girl, you’ll love our slim fit yoga joggers, harem yoga pants or flared yoga pants. All yoga bottoms with roll down belts are suitable for prenatal yoga and casual wear.

Yoga tank tops

We love to inspire you with our yoga tops as well. All of our yoga tops are designed with different needs, looks and practices in mind. We offer loose fit yoga tank tops and slim fit yoga tops. Some with an inspirational yoga print. Looking to stay warm before or after practice, then definitely try our yoga longsleeve tops. In any case, all of our yoga wear will have you looking great on and off your yoga mat.

Yoga wear sale

Looking for budget friendly yoga clothes? Have a look at our yoga wear sale page. We add styles to our sale page regularly, so you’ll be able to find great items at a great price. As for most sale items, we don’t always have all sizes available, so don't wait too long. By buying our sustainable yoga clothing for women, you will not only have a chill yoga outfit, but also contribute to a better world. That way, you can truly feel good!