7 ways to feel more confident about yourself


We all have our moments of feeling insecure about ourselves or the things we do. But just as important it is to show compassion for others, how about that same level of loving kindness for yourself? We give you 7 easy ways to add self-care into a daily regime (because you’re worth it).  

Only by being the best version of yourself you’re able to share these feelings of love and gratitude with others around you.

1. Express gratitude
One of the most effective ways to make you feel happy and great. It helps to name the things you’re happy with and grateful for, wether it’s things, people or accomplishments. Repeat this every day, in the morning and/or evening.

2. Eat healthy and mindfully
You’re what you eat. It’s a cliché, but that doesn’t make it something random or less powerful. Most times we have lunch or dinner while doing other things. Multitasking got way out of hand and not for the better. Healthy eating is not only in the things we eat, but also in the way we eat. Allow yourself to enjoy your healthy dish without any distractions (no, not even Instagram or Facebook).

3. There’s still a child in all of us
As an adult we have so much responsibilities and things to take care of, but that doesn’t mean we can still act crazy at times and forget about all these important stuff sometimes. Remember what made you most happy as a child? What did you enjoy? Embrace your inner child and treat it with a little present and allow the warm and grateful feelings to wash over you.

4. Body language is crucial
Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. This interesting and inspiring TED-talk by psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how ‘power posing’ -standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident- can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success. Mind and body have an ongoing influence on each other, so that means you can change it any moment you want.

5. Unplug (even when it’s just 5-10 minutes)
The reason why yin yoga is so popular these days has probably everything to do with our longing for some peace and quiet. A moment where we don’t have to go anywhere and don’t have to be anything. Just be. So switch of your phone, social media and your laptop and unplug for a moment.

6. Create something you’re really proud of
Remember how proud you were as a child when you made something really cool? You would run up to your parents to show them. We never lost the talent to create, most times we just to busy or tired to do so. And it feels arrogant or childish to show other people. But hey, like we said, channel your inner child and do so anyway. It probably makes you feel great!

7. Love yourself 
Not only Justin Bieber tells you to love yourself, you should do it too. And not only téll yourself, but shów yourself. Do things to make you happy, like listening to your favourite music, treat your body with your favourite body oil, book regularly a massage, read your favourite book or literally hug yourself.

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